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Monday, 6 April 2020

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), Paralympics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee share their ongoing support for Australia’s athletes. The Mint is proud to announce the release of unique collectible coins that celebrate Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic teams as they get set for 2021.

Royal Australian Mint CEO, Ross MacDiarmid, announced that “with the release of the official Australian Team coins, the Mint provides lasting tributes to the grit, determination and perseverance that is embedded in each Australian athlete embarking on their renewed journey towards the Paralympic and Olympic Games in 2021”.

“The Mint is excited to release these coin programs in the lead-up to the Games, and we will be working hard to create tangible mementoes which embody our nation’s affiliation with and love of sport. We hope Australians will treasure these high-quality coins for years to come, as a reminder of the sense of pride and achievement we felt in our athletes.”

As a proud partner of the Australian Olympic Team, the Mint presents a 2020 $1 Coloured Frosted Uncirculated Coin. The coin design includes a distinctly Australian colour palette with dynamic imagery of a volleyball player poised to strike the ball.

In addition, the Mint presents a 2020 50c Round Gold-Plated Uncirculated Coin that showcases the five new sports to feature at the 2021 Olympic Games: karate, sports climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and baseball/softball.

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) CEO, Matt Carroll, endorsed the release, stating “The AOC is appreciative of the support of our partner the Royal Australian Mint. We are thrilled to see these special coins in the market right now to recognise the continued efforts of our athletes as they strive to keep their dreams of Tokyo alive. While the journey is now a little bit longer, our Australian athletes tell us they have Tokyo in their sights for 2021”.

In support of the Australian Paralympic Team, the Mint presents a 2020 $1 Coloured Frosted Uncirculated Coin. The coin design features a wheelchair rugby player and includes the Paralympics Australia colour palette with vibrant design elements to add motion, excitement and impact.

Paralympics Australia CEO, Lynne Anderson, reiterated her support, expressing that “in a time of uncertainty and significant change for all, we are very proud and humbled to share the launch of the Australian Paralympic Team Coin with the Royal Australian Mint. We are really proud of our ongoing partnership with the Royal Australian Mint and we’re looking forward to adding this to our collection of special edition Australian Paralympic coins.”

In the lead up to the Games, the Royal Australian Mint will continue to share important stories from the Australian Olympic Team and Australian Paralympic Team, along with insights and meaningful moments from the Mint’s Australian Olympic Ambassador Taliqua Clancy and Australian Paralympic Ambassador Chris Bond.

To join the Mint in celebrating Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, visit the online store today to view the coins. -